Word of the Day #1 ~ Gobo

Often I will get an email or a tweet (@andrewpotterpho) asking about a word I used in one of my postings.  I thought I would start posting some lingo commonly used in the photographic world.  I think if one adds these words to their everyday photo vocabulary it will help them in their shooting and thought processes. Gobo (gōbō) n. a.k.a flag. A screen or other device used as a "go between" between a light source and the subject.  Originally, gobo stood for "go between optics" and referred to a template placed in front of a light source to project a shape or pattern onto a set.

I use gobos frequently. Either to prevent light falling onto a part of the scene or to prevent light from hitting the lens and causing flare.  Gobos come in many shapes and forms.  Black foamcore is quite common, but I've even been known to use my hand.