Taste of Summer {349/365}

I know.  Ah, summer.  Where art thou?  Sorry to tease you. This lovely adult beverage gracing the screen is actually called, A Taste of Summer.  I used to work at a bar where I was first introduced to this beauty by a few local patrons.  It's made with Citrus Vodka, bit of Peach liquor, dash of Sweet Vermouth and Cranberry Juice and topped with your favorite fruit that brings back memories of all that summery goodness (blueberry in my case).  Sugar rim is optional, but highly recommended.

It's the perfect beverage to enjoy while you watch the snow falling outside and dream of hot summer nights under the stars.

I wanted to keep this one as natural as I could.  I set up the scene in a bay window with three north facing windows with shutters.

The problem with large light sources is they very often make a small scene flat.  i.e. the WHOLE scene registers virtually the same meter reading.  I wanted to add just a bit of subtlety to prevent flatness.  Say 'no' to flat.  Flat is bad.  Flat is a four-letter word around here.

I closed the blinds on the left and right window but opened the top portions until the light just started hitting the tops of the glasses but not the base.  I left the center window fully open.  What happened is the tops of the glasses registered about a 1/3 of a stop higher than the base.  Subtle, but enough to prevent that horrid 'F' word and to keep the whole scene as natural as can be.

Hasselblad 503cw with Carl Zeiss 80mm 2.8 with #16 tube - f4 @1s 50iso; natural light from window opposite camera.