Tortellini Beginnings {350/365}

I think I have the start to a new project, called: What I'm Eating . . . . I know, it's kinda corny.  BUT, I thought doing quick, but thought-out shots of what I'm eating would get my creative juices flowing for my food portfolio.

Tonight's menu was Acorn Squash, Parmesan, Proscuitto, and Sage Tortellinis with Browned Butter and Pignoli Sauce.  Needless to say: NomNomNom

Here they are as I'm working on forming them.

First thing's first, a splash of color is always needed and welcomed in a mono-toned image.  So, I added some parsley to the tortellinis.  I think this was a wise choice as it added a focal point and some interest.

The second thing I needed to make sure I did was to make sure the texture of both the flour and the ball of squaushy-goodness comes out yummy looking rather than a ball of mysterious-goo. I decided the best route is to light the scene from the side as to accent the texture and juiciness and also from behind to give a bright a airy look.

Hasselblad 503cw with Carl Zeiss 80mm 2.8 - f5.6 @250th 50iso; strobe in background shooting through diffusion material one stop over main; main light camera right at 90 degree angle for maximum texture; white paper for bounce camera left