tangerine dreams {364/365}

Saw these little gems at the market the other day.  Beautiful color  and texture enhanced by the contrasting emerald green leaves.  And talk about juicy and delicious! I could have done a fancy-schmancy still life typical of this fruit with pewter bowls, carefully messily folded linens and low light.  But, I didn't think it did these little guys justice.  They needed something light and airy that brings in feelings of warmer weather . . . . . . an fruit cocktails.

I used the sun streaming through an east facing window.  What's nice about using sun through a window is it's easy to bounce the light.  (Doesn't take much!  Just the light bouncing from my white shirt added to the scene.)   I surrounded the tangerines with white bounces and achieved the bright and airy look.  I did back the bounces a way just slightly to allow the backlit to be a bit stronger and trim the front tangerine nicely.

Hasselblad 503cw with Carl Zeiss 80mm 2.8 and #16 tube - f8 @30th 50iso; sun as backlight,  white bounces as fill