Word of the Day #3 - Fill Light

This word falls inline with the last WoD - bounce.  Similar, but different. Fill Light, n. light source used to "fill" in shadows.  Always weaker than main light.  And most often way WAY too overused.

The difference between a fill light and a bounce is, in most cases, the power source.  A fill light is commonly an additional light placed somewhat close to the shooter to "fill" the shadows of the scene evenly;  A bounce simply uses existing light to fill in shadows.

I'm a bouncer.  Rarely am I a fan of using another light to do the same job a bounce can do.  The extra light creates additional spectral highlights and adds that annoying second catchlight in the subject's eyes so they look like something from Planet 51.   If improperly used, the scene is impossibly flat and uninteresting.  Say 'no' to flat!

This subject will be covered in a future tutorial (yes, I'm actually going to be doing those again!).  In my most humble opinion, using it correctly makes the difference between and amateur and professional photographer.