Mystic Chords of Memory: Memorial Day 2011

Americans are truly blessed.

Every year, we gather to somberly honor all those, now gone, who made the cause of America their supreme choice. It is through them our independence, our Constitution, and our broader freedoms are possible.  Their gift to us is the rarest, richest heritage ever bestowed upon any people.

But, it is also a time of great celebration. In his first inaugural address, Lincoln spoke of the "mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land". These "bonds of affection" tie us back to our founding as a republic - to what America is and what makes us great. To this connection, we celebrate and remember.

Below, these little flags, planted in a field, serve as reminders that some among us must make the highest sacrifice for this most honorable cause.

Thank you all, who have sacrificed and put truth and freedom above their own life.  We honor and remember you.

I thought I would also share an old photograph of my grandfather, B17 pilot William Potter (center), with co-pilot William Meloy (left) and Engineer Doris Cox (right). Their group, the 96th Heavy Bomb Group, received a Distinguished Unit Citation for a bombing run over Poznan, Poland, April 9, 1944.