The other day I said something at the end of the posting that sparked an idea. I said, "Give your creative juices a needed squeeze." So, I launched into my 'idea mode' and sketched up few thumbnails. In the end, I had myself a fun little project!

I'm a fruit guy (and, as Nana used to say, nuttier than a truckload of fruitcakes). I would rather plop myself down in front of the tube with a bowl of blueberries rather than a bowl of popcorn. I add blackberries to my cheerios every morning and I can be seen on occasion frying up a chicken with a helping of plums.

These little delicacies aren't just pretty to look at, I think they are just as pretty on the inside, too! After all, that's where their yummy goodness resides.

So, I gathered up a handful of my favorite fruits and squished them. (It was also a marvelous stress-reducer, too. Highly recommend this, especially during these troubled times.)

Some fruits are better suited for squishing than others, but all gave fun results!

Here is a teaser:

If you would like to see more, click 'Portfolio' above in the menu and then click 'Squished' in the gallery selection menu on the lower right.

Hope you enjoy!