Happy Birthday, Photography

Today marks the 172th birthday of my craft. Way back in 1839, Louis Daguerre developed the first commercially successful photographic process known as, daguerreotype. While the true birth of photography is a little bit earlier, the process known as daguerreotype was published on August 19, 1839 at a meeting of the French Academy of Sciences in Paris.

Daguerreotype was the first photographic process capable of keeping an image still and fixed. It wasn't met with enthusiastic applause by the L'artiste community, but rather as just another 'instrument' in the graphical process.

As I always say: "my how the 'Wizards of Smart' have fallen short".  In the years since, the process evolved and blossomed into an artistry and genre of it's own prestige - worthy of it's own recognition.

I hold my glass up, in toast, to Photography. May you evolve and never forget your origins;  may you continually inspire our senses as we seek the upper limits of our consciousness; and may you never fade from memory, lest we forget our pasts, and doom ourselves to darkness.