Raw Anaheims

A friend of mine on Facebook posted a link to her status a few days ago that knocked some of the rust off the gears in my noggin'. It was an article showing several different examples of X-ray Photography.  Cool stuff! Check it out here. The photographer used flowers as the main subject and worked the images a bit in Photoshop - inverting and adding color gradients and even colorizing selected areas of the photos.

I liked the effects of the x-ray, but wasn't overly thrilled by the color manipulations. They are absolutely beautiful photos, but I thought there is definitely a character that was lost in the post production.

It got me thinking about the old still life images done way back in the early days of photography. View Cameras were the norm then, and images were created right on huge photographic plates.  The still lifes back then were raw - details and textures were the main subjects. We're taking real photography, here.

I wanted to capture that same X-ray-like effect, while keeping the images raw. Literally.  No Photoshop.

These images below where shot directly on a soft box, serving both as my background and my "X-ray" machine. I used a blue filter on my camera lens which created the high-contrast needed for a raw black and white feel.