Simplistic Still Life [12/366]

Changing gears a bit today. As most readers know, I love shooting with my Hasselblad. The hands-on, manual nature of this tool brings the photographer more intimately into the photograph. Introducing other players, like electronics, can upset that delicate balance.  A strobe might not fire, a sync cord might not sync, power levels might be off, or any other factors can force the photographer's attention away from the main subject.

For the past week I've shot my 366 images with combinations of strobe and natural light. Not always an easy process even in the best of times! I was either fighting with a light stand, or a strobe, or a set of gels.  In the end it seemed the process was more about the act of shooting and not the subject.

So, today, I decided to take a mini-vacation from that battle.

Today is cold, dark and rainy.  Perfect day to stay inside and just work on projects (and eat PBJs).

I kept today's shoot simple and basic.  I 'painted' with light and shadow; I played with chiaroscuro;  I enhanced textures; and had a marvelous time!  Before I knew it, three hours zoomed by and I was still shooting.

Here is my favorite one of the lot.

[caption id="attachment_4590" align="aligncenter" width="700" caption="Hasselblad 503cw / Imacon Ixpress v96c with Hasselblad 120 f4 CF Makro-Plannar - f4 @1s 50iso"][/caption]Nothing grandiose.  Just simplicity at it's best.

It's shoots like this one that remind me of my love of the craft and is an important reminder of what really counts.