Totally Rad and Kick-Butt Changes

This is a quick posting to give everyone a head's up on a small, but major change around here. After a couple weeks of mulling it over, I decided that my totally rad and kick-butt blogsite, Andrew Potter Photography Blog, wasn't big enough for my needs.  Since starting on the new #Project366 adventure, this site has seen an explosion in viewers and traffic.  I've also received a number of requests for a more comprehensive portfolio of my work.

Unfortunately, my totally rad and kick-butt blogsite isn't conducive for that purpose, I needed a better solution which is to go back to a separate portfolio and blog. This way examples of my work will be more readily accessible and I can keep my totally rad and kick-butt blog the way it is.

Currently the portfolio site under construction.  You may have already noticed if you typically access to get to this blog.  The site's awesome host provider, Crocker Communications, was so efficient and timely, the back-of-the-house work was finished before I was ready to upload any content!  (Thank you, Denise! You guys rock!)

I should have some pretty images up and ready to roll in the coming week.  They will represent my very best work and give viewers a more rounded feel for who I am and what I can do.

The site's launch announcement will be on here, so keep your ears peeled!