[Donny] Wears Sunglasses at Night {Contrast}

Contrasty images are my most favorite.  They lend to more dynamic and saturated images and delivers the model into a more dimensional world. What makes a contrasty image and contrasty image?  An image with a lot of contrast has darker shadows and lighter highlights.  There is a greater tonal distance between the light side and the dark side.  In contrast (no pun intended), a low contrast image contains shadows and highlights that aren't that far away from eachother in tone.  The resulting image tends to be flat and two dimensional.  This is sometimes the effect a photographer wants to achieve for different types of portraits like babies, maturnity, or bridal as lower contrast lighting is more pleasing.

Donny joined me in the studio and I played around with image contrast.  I used a single light source as my main light to create dark shadows.  I did not want to add a filler to bounce or throw light into the shadow areas because it would have had a lightening effect, decreasing my contrast.  In fact, to enhance the shadows I placed two large black foamcore panels (which absorb light) on either side of Donny to prevent stray light from finding their way into my shadows.