Yellow Flames [93/366]

The weather is just beautiful here in Florida.

Had a chance to do some walking around the neighborhood, today. I came upon this beautiful flowering tree. Not sure what the name of it is, however. I'm sure some of my horticulturally-inclined friends would recognize it!

I really liked the color contrast between the yellow flowers and the deep blue sky. It really reminded me of fall in New England when the birch trees started to change.

Canon 5D Mark II / 85mm 1.2L II - f8 @800th 200iso

I also had the chance to really delve into Apple's new iPhoto app for the iPad. I must say, I am impressed!

When I travel, I hate bringing a lot of stuff with me. Usually I just bring my Canon and a lens, two at the most. I don't bring a laptop, if I can help it. Using the iPad to import and store my images, edit them, and then publish them is a Godsend! All the while relaxing in the shade with a martini...#Winning.

The iPhoto app is pretty intuitive, although it takes a little bit of getting used to. It's best just to spend some time playing around with it's features. You have your exposure features, your color corrections, your cropping tool, and selected filters. You also have some seriously brilliant export tools to publish to Flickr, twitter or Facebook. There's definitely room for even more deliciousness!

And of course, my favorite iPad blogging app is Blogsy. It's extremely easy to edit posts and upload pictures via many different services.

So, between those two apps, there is no need for a photographer, nor a blogapher, to need a laptop while on vacation!

(Oh, and Blogsy if you're listening, should you develop a desktop version of your app.... Yeah. I would not hesitate plopping down a hundred bucks for it. Just something to keep in mind for your next "meeting of the minds".....)