Bison Burger [140/366]

Ok. No seriously. This IS the last burger I'm posting - of this series. I'm posting tonight to call your attention to my portfolio site. I've come to a determination that my portfolio site needs cohesion. It needs sequences. I can't just post the photos I've done - that's what this site is for! My portfolio site NEEDS for my my dozens of projects to come to an end to give it it's much-needed structure.

One of my many projects is my Burger Project. (Not the most creative title, but there ya go. It is what it is. BUT, it is nearing completion.) My goal is to shoot 10-12 burgers au natural without any meterosexualizations (is that a word?).

Tonight, is one of the last - a Buffalo Burger with Wisconsin Cheese and Caramelized Cabernet Onions. Yes, these onions were soaked in wine (an instant win in my book).

So, again, I'm posting this mainly to call your attention to my portfolio site: Right now, it's just a host to a running ticker of burgers. But, in the next week or so, as a couple of other projects are completing, I will have galleries.

For now, you'll be entertained with some food porn. Hopefully it will induce copious amounts of drooling.

This burger shot, with 4 others, will make it up on to the ticker within the next week. Currently, there is 5, but soon 9 (or 10) will be the opening slideshow.

I only share this opening with my blog-crowd. You guys have inspired me to no ends. Love you lots! I've taken your suggestions to heart as I embark on this new commercial road and cherish everything you contribute.

Please keep it up! As, will I.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="700" caption="Hasselblad 503cw / Imacon Ixpress v96c with Hasselblad 120 f4 CF Makro-Plannar #16 tube - f11 @125th 50iso"]Bison Burger [140-366][/caption]