Little Jilli [148/366]

This is my niece, Jilli. Ain't she a cutie? I have had clients who have chosen the worst possible portrait of the lot as their favorite. It puzzled me! But, I've come to realize over the years it has less to do with technically sound images than it does with personality. As always, I put in my suggestions, but more than likely the client will choose from my 'B' pile.

This photo of Jilli is not technically sound and very much a 'B' pile, but personally it is my most favorite of the ones I took today. Sure, her glasses are sliding down her nose, but to me that's Jilli - pigtails and all! Her natural smile is shining through and that blows every other proof out of the water, even the technically perfect ones.

And that's what matters most in portraiture. It's not the posed, primped and perfected shots that matter most. It's the ones that are memorable.

Love you, Jilli!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="700" caption="Canon 5D Mark II with Canon 85 1.2L II - f2.8 @125th 200iso"]Little Jilli [148-366][/caption]