A Road Less Travelled [158/366]

Switching this up a little bit today. I tend to get into ruts where I use the same equipment for every photo with virtually the same settings. So, I thought I would endeavor to shoot with different cameras or different lenses for the next couple of weeks. Today, I actually used my iPhone!

I was on my Wednesday run which is usually my Trail running day. I have a favorite path that I love to use because it is so peaceful and so devoid of people. Living in Boston, this is unusual. I almost feel like I'm back in central Massachusetts.

So, I took a small break and took out my iPhone for this pic.  I used Instagram which is all the craze these days.  It's a fun app, but I like it mostly because it shoots square format natively.  It's nice that the developers decided to try and bring this almost forgotten ratio back!

My run.