Fun with Jessica and Todd {couple}

All work and no play makes . . . er . . . well, honestly, work or play, it's all fun for me! After working the Dodson/Teahan wedding on Saturday, I had the fun opportunity Sunday to photograph an already married couple, Jessica and Todd.  This gave me the chance to play around with the newest addition to the Andrew Potter Photography arsenal, a Mola.

A Mola is a beauty dish and I've got to say . . . it is a thing of beauty!  Very sharp, snappy light that spreads evenly with a slight warmth giving skin tones a more natural feel.




My favorite lighting pattern is Rembrandt.  This classical lighting technique is great for moody portraits and always has the tell-tale triangle of light under one eye.


I did not use the 22" Mola for this next shot, but my 60" Softlighter II which is a very large umbrella fitted with diffusion material.  Notice, the colors aren't as saturated, but the light is much softer for a more intimate portrait.


Thank you, Jess & Todd!  I had a blast!