Natural Cherry [203/366]

Beauty is in the details. Once again I used a technique called "dragging the shutter". It's my favorite way to photograph still life. By allowing natural light to act as a supplement to strobe you can add dimension to an otherwise flat photo.

As you can see from the bright spectral highlight on the right side of the cherry, my key was camera right. The two additional light sources can be seen on the cherry's front and left side. These were created by two windows in the room. This light also filled in the shadows a bit and gave me a background.

Overall, a more natural picture than if I were to have used all strobes.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Natural Cherry [203-366] Hasselblad 503cw / Imacon Ixpress v96c with Hasselblad 120 f4 CF Macro-Plannar #32 tube - f5.6 @8th 50iso[/caption]