High-key Kitty

High-key: (′hī ¦ kē) - photos that are composed of mostly high tonal values. I am in love with high-key images. I love the clean and crisp look - subjects stand out, colors pop, and it's a very versatile way to shoot an image.

Sammy the Cat was proud to pose for an example:

Isn't he a cutie? Not bad for an 18-year-old cat!

But one has to be careful with shooting on a high-key background. The subject runs the risk of appearing to have been added later in photoshop, especially if there's no shadow or any other marker that they are physically sitting there. They appear more two dimensional rather than the three dimensional beings they are.

Allowing shadows to fall can make them appear muddy. But, posing the subject on a piece of material, like Poor Man's Dry-Erase board, will give you a reflection and the separation you need to bring the subject into normal space.