Snow Tipped {13/365}

Woke up this morning to snow tipped trees and a brilliant blue sky.

Little trick to photographing a blue sky: If you shoot at the part of the sky that's 90 degrees away from the sun, you will optimize the blue saturation.  Stand and point at the sun with your index finger (and don't LOOK at the thing, for goodness sake).  The area of the sky where your out stretched thumb is pointing will be the most blue.  Simply put, this is due to the angle of reflectance caused by the atmosphere.  Using the same rule you can use a polarizing filter which will double the saturation and you'll get an almost dark purpley blue.

To illustrate the point, in the shot above, I was shooting straight up at a 90 degree angle relative to the horizon. The sun, located above the horizon put it slightly acute of 90 degrees of where I was aiming.  This is why the left side of the frame is slightly lighter in saturation than the right side.