Beautiful Spot for a Jog [317/366]

Took advantage of Boston's 60 degree temps today and got my butt out for a leisurely jog. (Well, ok, not so leisurely, I broke a personal PR for the 5k. Woot!)

Anyway, my usual route takes me through Forest Hills Cemetery. I realize there's a certain taboo about running in a cemetery. But, I'm not whistling past graves, nor do I spit or launch snot rockets. It's still an active cemetery, so I steer clear of services out of respect for the mourners. 

Ok, I digress. 

Oftentimes I do not have my camera on me when I need it. My camera is bulky - weighing in at about 5 pounds. So, yeah, not something I can run with. Thanks to the beautiful mind of Steve Jobs, I can carry a camera with me and get decent photos respectively.  

I saw this scene as I was coming down from Summit Circle (a really, really steep hill - oy vey).  It looks out over the 'newer' parts of the Cemetery. So, I whipped out my iPhone and snapped a few shots. 


It's pretty impressive what these little cameras can do.

Now, I don't have the iPhone 5, which sports some pretty impressive image making parts - I'm still stuck with the iPhone 4 until I accidentally drop it. ;) ;)  The iPhone 5 can do some nifty photo-stitching which this scene deserved! Perhaps I will come back later in the week with a proper camera and we can do some comparisons :)