Classic Tux - 5 of 365

I promise, I promise, I promise you will not be inundated with photos of my cats during this project. But, seriously, how can a photographer doing a black and white 365 Project not photograph his black and white tuxedo cats? That's just silliness.

So . . . . here's the first one. 

Winslow is only up during the morning hours. Even as I type this just after 12pm, he is no where to be found, probably already curled up in his "spot" for the remainder of the daylight hours - who knows where the hell that is? So when he strikes a pose when he's awake,  I don't miss it.  What can I say? I'm a proud fur-baby parent. 

I was lying on the floor taking photos (like you do) when Winslow had a squirrel! moment with something outside the windows camera left. Got the shot.

I LOL'd. The photo reminds me of those horrid 70's or 80's portrait studio session photos where the photographer had you look off camera at nothing, or a piece of equipment, with a goofy smile. (If you're a pro still doing this . . . please stop. Sincerely, Everyone.)

I used a shallow dof for this shot. Mostly because it is dark on the first floor and I need the shutter speed, but also to create some yummy bokeh with the Christmas tree lights in the background. (Yes, my tree is still up.  . . . . . . . . . . . Don't judge me!)

Canon 5d MKII with 85mm 1.2 - f1.2 @500th 1600iso