In Memoriam

The Christmas season was a wonderful time for me this year. It was the first Christmas I spent as a married man. It was a joy to do it with my new family. 

As joyous as it was, it was not without a bit of heartache. 

One new friend we met, a wonderful lady by the name of Donna Zieminski, a woman so full of life, laughter, and joy, passed away the day after we met her. 

I did not get a chance to do a portrait of her, but her infectious joy of the Luminaria season in Hatfield, Massachusetts, will not be forgotten. Nor will her memory leave in those close to her or her community. 

She left her mark on me. Her passing reminded me to live my life with joy and friendship and to never take a moment for granted. 

Rest in Peace, Donna.  You will be missed.