Just Before Dawn

Finally catching up on some images. 

Chris and I spent a wonderful Valentine's weekend in the city with David, our wedding officient, and his lovely wife, Janie. They are our closest and most dear friends.

We stayed at the Liberty Hotel in Boston. The Liberty used to be "our" jail. But, it was closed in the 90's and reopened recently as a hotel. Hence the very appropriate name. The hotel is amazing. It kept it's history. The bars, restaurant, and motif are all reminiscent to it's olden days. (Another reason why I love Boston. The history.)

Chris and I booked a room in the Tower, which had a view of Boston's many skylines. I do love this city, despite it's many political faults and shortcomings.

The night we checked in a Nor'easter was scheduled. We were supposed to get only a foot of snow, but, we only came not quiet half way. Four inches blanketed the city . . . . not even a "dusting" as we Bostonians call it. 

I woke up close to dawn and captured this picture.  What you see is one of Boston's newest/renovated T stops, the MGH. In the background, on the right, you see "the Pru" (Prudential). If you look closely, you can see where our Sox play (the Cit). 

Boston is a small city. It has much more history just like the hotel where we are staying. That's why I love living in this city. It has roots much deeper than the rest of the nation. Yes, it's winters suck. But, the character shines thru. And we love it all the more when spring arrives.