Pink Gladiolus [277/366]

I have some exciting news.

Well, at least to me anyway! It's something that's been a long time coming and which I've been agonizing over for months.  

As you may know my Hasselblad digital back system started dying on me. This in itself was heartbreaking. I loved that digital back and camera and still do. But, it forced me to face some hard facts. 

Simply, I needed to upgrade. Fixing the problem wasn't enough and didn't make financial sense.  Plus, my eyesight isn't exactly sharp as it used to be. Manually focussing has gotten much harder.  

So, I upgraded to a Mamiya 645DF with an Aptus-II 7 33 megapixel back.  Just from tonight's quick little photoshoot of these pink gladiolas, I am speechless. 

For the better part of two months I've been using my back up camera, the Canon 5D Mark II. Right off the bat, comparing these two systems, the difference is night and day. Simply put, there's a reason why once you go experience medium format, you never go back. 

I will be writing more on the subject in the near future for the new 'Tutorials' section of the blog. 

Hope you keep tuning in!

 Mamiya 645DF / Aptus II 7 with Mamiya Sekor D 80mm LS - f9 @125th 50iso

Mamiya 645DF / Aptus II 7 with Mamiya Sekor D 80mm LS - f9 @125th 50iso