Project 52, Week 11: On the Rocks

Yes, I know. With St. Patrick's Day being tomorrow, I should have done Irish Whiskey, not Scotch. Well, [whispers] I prefer single malt Scotch, so there. 

I did a shot similar to this back in week 2. I love that shot, but this week I wanted something with a little more natural feel to it. Sometimes bottle and beverage photography can look too perfect and polished and therefore unreal. My goal is a properly lit and natural feeling shot.  And with most still life, I like a little sense of motion so the scene isn't too, ironically, still. 

I set up the shot like I did with the last one, in pieces. Here is the basic setup:

Now, here's a little slideshow detailing each step needed:

So, after all the shots were collected, I picked out my favorite ones and did some minor adjustments before heading into Photoshop. There, I blended in each image to create this image: 

Mamiya 645DF Leaf Aptus-II 7 with Mamiya Sekor D 80mm f2.8  lens - f8 @125th 50iso