A Shining City - 13 of 365

Chris and I ventured across the river for some grub tonight. We went to the Flour & Vine for some grits and steak. Great meal! 

Along the way I captured this shot of our fair city. Well, at least a part of it.

What I love is that you see a mixture of the old, the new and the up-and-coming in this shot: The old Capitol Building in the far left background;  one of the newer condo buildings, the Seaholm,  in the middle with the former power plant building just below that; and the soon-to-be-opening central library on the right. Running right below all this is what Chris and I affectionately call the "Storrow Drive of Austin", Caesar Chavez Drive. 

It was a great night for walk and a great visage of this shining city. 

 Fujifilm x100s - f4 @5s 200ISO, natural light

Fujifilm x100s - f4 @5s 200ISO, natural light